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Howwler Drops Jarringly Danceable and Dark EP

Just in time for Halloween, another enigma of an artist is presenting itself in what could be called an EP of sinister production: Chapter One.

Howwler has been making waves for his unusually frightening brand of what could only be called club-ready house-gore. With violent flangs that hit your ear like a hurricane, Chapter One. is the first two track EP from an artist who, at the moment, is unclassified by genre.

The first track, “Midnight,” firmly grasps the listener and surrounds them with a dark energy. Only for the more adventurous of our friends group, Howwler’s first track caters to the sinister production styles that are normally associated with techno and offbeat sub-genres. Surprisingly enough, the DJ himself has no issue combining house elements and “breaking the rules” along the way.

The rules keep getting broken with Howwler’s second track, “Signs & Wonders,” as the budding maven on the turn-tables both frightens and cements our senses with darker elements of the house genre that make the listener beg for something new, existential and chaotic to the scene. As soon as you tune into Howwler’s track, you realize the change necessary might be to tap into those mysterious and jarring noises that challenge our senses and guide them into the abyss.

Chapter One. could be seen as a two-track tornado which can make the listener dance for joy and embrace the dark vibes simultaneously. With an artist like Howwler, one truly doesn’t know what could come next. You can buy and stream the EP here.

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