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Artist Spotlight: Just A Gent

If you’re looking for an incredibly varied artist to add to your collection, Just A Gent is the one for you. The 20-year-old Australian producer has been making a name for himself in the States over the past year. You might recognize the name from his first breakout hit “Heavy as a Heartbreak” off his first album Stories To Tell. Shortly after, his flip of Illenium’s “Fortress” managed to snag a spot on the official remix album of Ashes.

The gent clearly has the producing chops to craft light and airy future bass ballads, but what made my spider-senses tingle are his bass-driven tracks. Mostly released on his Just A Tune Soundcloud account, JAG has consistently displayed a harder, more trap-forward sound. Tracks like his edit of Kid Cudi’s “Day N Night” showcase a more tuned down & deep musical inflection, with a spacey lead synth and booming bass lines.

Just A Gent recently played at Nocturnal Wonderland 2017, and prior to seeing him there, I had only known of his biggest hits. Going into his set I had no idea what to expect, but by the end, everyone in my group was blown away. That hour was filled with wildly unique music, a giant neon mushroom filled stage, the hypest crowd, and a superb DJ. Definitely one of the best live music performances I’ve ever seen.

On October 2nd, Just a Gent released a new single called “Hold.” This single is just another example of Just A Gent’s outside-of-the-box production style, and I personally can’t wait to hear what else he has in store.

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