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Boombox Cartel Drops ‘Cartel Remixes’ Collection

Late last month, Boombox Cartel released the remix collection from their Cartel EP. The album features remixes from a variety of producers like Monxx, Ray Volpe, and Rickyxsan. Each track is a creative re-imagining of Cartel’s original work, and some lesser known names on the album may surprise you. Peep it below:

One of my favorite edits on the album is Jaxx Da Fishworks’ “Alamo,” for his incredibly vibrant drop that complements Shoffy’s original vocals perfectly. I was also blown away by Franky Nuts’ mind melting dubstep remix of “Widdit.” I have heard this edit live many times and am ecstatic it’s finally out.

Boombox Cartel has been making moves in the past year with multiple genre-bending hits. It’s great that even though the duo has been going through a tough time (due to Jorge Medina’s visa issues), they had time to put together a great collection of remixes to show their favorite up-and-comers.

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