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Cesqeaux Crushes his Lost Lands Performance on the Live Stream

This past weekend, Excision’s first Lost Lands Music Festival was held in Thornville, Ohio. For those who couldn’t make it out, the majority of the fest was streamed on Facebook Live. #CouchLands 2017 was an entirely different way to experience a dub fest.

One set, in particular, stuck out to me–Cesqeaux. It seemed as if he was teasing me with every line. Buildups tossed within others as the rhythms that followed imploded into something completely unexpected. For real, it was a legitimate mashup of today’s top-notch electronic tracks.

When he would cut the tunes to speak I found that I actually enjoyed what he was saying. It pumped me up. I don’t know about y’all, but usually, I’m not the biggest fan of the hype man. Cesqeaux was different. Plus, I’m happy with his comment about leaving the aggression behind when entering the most pit. Only a portion of the set was recorded, so catch one of his performances in all its full glory with Rawtek this Saturday at Monarch. Purchase tickets here and join the event page.

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