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Delta Heavy & Dirty Audio Join Forces on “Stay” Feat. HOLLY

The ever-melodic Delta Heavy and grittier Dirty Audio have joined forces to release their brand-new power-single, “Stay.” This new track possesses all the melodic chaos you would expect from Delta Heavy, as well as a heavy focus on percussion from the well-known Dirty Audio. With the combination of these two artists mashing their styles together, we are left with a daringly multi-genre laden track with no abandon. Check it out!

In a symphony of synth and meticulous percussion elements, both artists have managed to formulate the exact measurements to cook a recipe for creative liberty. While Drum + Bass can sometimes be our older brother who never lets us hang out with the cool kids, any genre tension is put down to rest as this trap / D+B union take us on a high-octane rollercoaster of a ride. With stellar Halsey-esque smoky vocals from HOLLY, this track will satisfy any listener who craves complex compositions.

Aside from this new wave composition released on Monstercat, Delta Heavy will be busy on the road bringing their brand new Paradise Lost show to London. Dirty Audio is already preoccupied with a string of Oceania dates, as well as an upcoming U.S. tour. Catch the new track here, and stay tuned for more intellectually musical material from these juggernauts.

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