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Ephwurd & JVST Say Yes Premiere Long-Awaited Multi-Genre Track, ‘Phunky Beats’

The holy crusader duo consisting of Datsik and Bais Haus, otherwise known as Ephwurd, make their returns to our speakers with their newfangled funkalicious, “Phunky Beats” single. Coming from the brains of two influential producers within the scene, Ephwurd (with a little help from JVST Say Yes) packed their newest single with sound-effects galore and some classically-styled vocal samples which take you back to the days of the 90s NY club scene. While the synths and backbeat may be swift, Phunky Beats incorporates older hip-hop sounds and some yummy 90s keyboard riffs which only make you wish a soulful voice could bring this throwback together.

This track may get nostalgic, but Ephwurd and JVST Say Yes are completely living in the present with their production choices. The rough-sounding synths reflect a modern approach to tech-house and dubstep reminiscent sounds that make this track a “greatest hits” of sorts. With lively vocal samples we mentioned above, this track was clearly made with an audience in mind. Get the new banger here.

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