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Ganja White Night and Boogie T Are Bringing the Heat!

It’s time to get Bassy! Kick off your weekend a night early with Ganga White Night and Boogie T this Thursday night at the Monarch Theater.  To give you a taste of what we have in store for you, check out this collab of our two featured artists!

Ganja White Night is a bass throwing duo made up of Erwan Charlie Dodson and Benjamin Bamby from Belgium. They became hot on the scene with their track “Blueberry” in 2011. From then on they have cultivated an unmistakable sound with high energy bass, bouncy melodies, and infusions of ethnic sounds and vocals. Their ability to blend some of the most diverse and contradicting sounds is truly a testament to their unparalleled talent. No two songs, drops, or vibes are the same; it really makes for a diverse and engaging performance. Their set from Phoenix Lights this past April was one of the most amazing sets I’ve ever seen. Having them back in AZ is an honor!

October 5th is Boogie T(hursday)! Brock Thornton is bringing his explosive sounds all the way from Louisiana. Riddim, bass, and dubstep the kid does it all and does it unlike anyone else. Everything from his innovative mixture of sounds and BPM’s to his unique sampling makes a Boogie T an artist that will stand out from the rest. I can talk it up all I want but you won’t get what I’m saying until you hear it for yourself!

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