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Lets Get Buck Wild with Lost Kings at Goldrush Music Festival

In 2014, two strangers attended a LA party, unknowing that they would leave that night with much more than a hangover and sticky shoes. That night, Dr. No (Nick) and Rob Gainley found the missing puzzle piece that sealed their musical fate. Fast forward 3 years and now the two make up the established duo, Lost Kings. Their feel-good, catchy tracks are impossible not to like and even harder not to sing along to. It only took 3 years and a handful of songs to get them where they are today, which is an impressive testament to their talent and unique sound. With festivals like EDC NY, Hangout Music Festival, Sunset Music Festival, and Booze Cruise under their belt, these boys are headed to Rawhide and ready to groove you to the ground.

Their sound is fun, honest and relatable, a combination that has them on the fast track to being a household name. Two of their latest tunes, “Phone Down” and “Look at us Now,” blew up on Soundcloud and were received incredibly well by listeners worldwide. One thing that makes them unique is their fearlessness when it comes to their lyrics. They write about things we all go through and face but rarely talk about, it’s like musical therapy. We are so stoked to have them join the Goldrush line up. Get more info and grab your tickets here!

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