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New Getter Album On The Way

Tanner Petulla (a.k.a. Getter) recently released the forthcoming single from his newest album, “Solo” is a beautiful EDM ballad about how those that surround you can help at your lowest point. Featuring a truly moving vocal performance by Party Nails, the song appears to be one of Petulla’s most personal productions. When I first heard this song at Paradiso Festival 2017, it infected my soul and was all I could think about for weeks after. Take a listen to this amazing track below.

Shortly before the release of the track, Getter announced on Twitter that he has an album in the works. Although the details of this release are unknown currently, “Solo” serves as a taste of what the rest of the album will entail.

As of 2017, I’d say it’s safe to consider Getter a household name in electronic music. With many notable dubstep and trap hits under his belt, it’s nice to hear the California-based producer tackle a more melodic and refined sound. After dealing with a bout of depression in 2016, it’s great to hear Petulla’s catharsis bleed through the fractured beauty of “Solo.” I for one am excited to see what Getter has in store for the rest of 2017, and will absolutely jump on any opportunity I have to see him live over the coming months.

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