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RB Exclusive Interview: Valentino Khan at BOO! AZ

Just over two weeks ago now we filled RawhideEvent Center with ghoulish goblins, zombies, and huge amounts of bass. From start to finish both walls and bones were rattling. I had a chance to sit down with one of the many talented artists on the BOO AZ! lineup, Valentino Khan, and talk about his recent tour, pro wrestling, and Halloween fun. Check it out below.

Your music videos and visuals are always top-notch with just the right amount of weird. How much of that vision is yours and where does that crazy creativity come from?

Part of the vision is mine, but a lot of it has to do with the great directors I work with. It’s always a collaborative process. With the last couple of videos especially, I’ve been really involved. It’s great to be able to work with people who give great visual treatments to the videos and at the same time be an artist that sets myself apart with visuals and music videos. I try to push the boundaries when it comes to that and it’s really becoming a type of signature to have these crazy music videos and songs.

Valentino Khan – Pump (Official Music Video)

Yeah, it’s really a full experience! So, there’s been no shortage of single from you, but it’s been three years since In Khan We Trust. Can fans expect a full collection of work from you soon?

I’m still focused on singles right now, but an EP or an album isn’t out of the questions. I’ve been trying to focus on each individual track and make everyone a special moment.

How was the European tour and how does it feel to be back stateside?

Europe was crazy *chuckles* I was there for the entire summer, I only came back to do EDC in June. Europe is amazing though, there’s nothing like it or the venues over there. It’s moshpits and high energy and the crowds are just amazing. It’s awesome to see these cool, beautiful places around the world. I’m pretty fortunate to get to travel to places like Croatia and Ibiza. It was a great time and I’ll definitely be back in Europe soon, but I’m happy to be back in the states as well.

I wanted to talk wrestling because I love how much you love it. How’d you get into that? Who is your favorite wrestler?

All-time, my favorite wrestler is Stone Cold Steve Austin. (Can I give middle fingers to the camera?) I grew up watching it when I was younger in my teens and then I just randomly got back into in the last few years, and now I go to all the events. Shout out my boy 12th Planet, who’s playing right now actually, we always go to them together. Tere’s nothing like seeing it live, it;s a whole different animal. I took Diplo to his first pro wrestling show and I’ve never seen him so animated or engaged in what was going on in the ring. Even if you don’t really know about wrestling or keep up with it, it’s amazing to go to live.


Halloween is right around the corner (today!) What are you dressing up as this year and what’s your favorite festive treat?

I’m going to dress up as me actually, and you can buy my mustache at My favorite treat, okay, everybody hates on candy corn and it’s delicious and I will fight anybody who disagrees with me. It’s delicious and it’s the perfect Halloween treat. I’m going to overdose on candy corn this year.

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