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Sunday Funday with Midnight Tyrannosaurus

Florida bred freak, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, has put a whole new twist on bass music. With his rapid rhythms and extremely heavy undertones, he has created an unexplainable electric sound.

Planet Purge!, his track with EH!DE, put him on the map and since then he has been tearing up every city he rolls through with his excessively intense sets.

He was one of the first of his kind and has doubtlessly put a staple in the dubstep scene. His music is reserved for a special type of someone because his pounding sound may be hard for some to handle. That’s what makes it special, however, and it keeps heavy music-lovers aroused.

For real, one can’t do much but headbang when this guy takes the stage. Truly, it’s some kind of involuntary reaction to the madness that is Midnight T’s music. Don’t miss out and catch him at Monarch with Figure on their ‘The Kreep Show Tour’ on Saturday, November 11. It’s going to be an interesting one, so purchase your tickets now!

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