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5 Classic Justice Tracks to Prep for Decadence

Justice, the French electro legends, have been making incredible dance music for over 10 years now. In fact, it was just over 10 years ago that Justice dropped the classic album , which went on to be nominated for a Grammy. Since then, the duo has released full-length albums sparingly, but the group’s sound and ability to drop classics has remained consistent. Here are 5 classic tracks from Justice.

1. “D.A.N.C.E.”

Justice – D.A.N.C.E. (Official Video)

With symphonic strings, a crunchy bassline, and a super infectious chorus, “D.A.N.C.E.” instantly became and has remained Justice’s biggest hit ever. Invoking references to Michael Jackson, the track like many of Michael’s, draws people to the dance floor. It has been covered by other artists and featured in soundtracks. “D.A.N.C.E.” and included on Top 100 EDM tracks of all time lists.

2. “We Are Your Friends”

Justice – We Are Your Friends [HQ Sound]

How do you know when a song goes from being a piece of artistic expression to a meaningful piece of culture? Its title gets copped for a movie about EDM DJs starring Zac Effron. With another memorable chorus, “We Are Your Friends” is a sing-along track and funky, dance club banger. It signaled that French electro-disco style could penetrate dance floors around the world from Paris to San Francisco.

3. “Genesis”

Justice – Genesis – ✝

In 2007, the opening track on   came in with an army, storming the castle and proclaiming Justice is here. After this dramatic salvo, 30 seconds in the first bassline drops and the rest is history. Justice had knocked down the gates and entered EDM with a darker, grimier version of electro that mirrored rock’s aesthetic.

4. “Safe and Sound”

Justice – Safe And Sound (Glastonbury 2017)

Justice has always had an ability to take the sexiness and freeness of the disco era and make it hard and rough. The lead single off the band’s third album, Woman, perfectly exemplifies this. The track features a choir of voices singing, a funky bassline, and dramatic strings. It’s grandiose in scope without being pretentious. It’s something that would’ve caused baby making at Studio 54 and now causes entire festival crowds to go mad.


Did Justice create or influence other sub-genres of EDM? Maybe. But what Justice absolutely did do was experiment with the sounds and arrangements frequently heard in dance music. Around the 1:54 mark, Justice stopped the beat and distorted, chopped, and quartered it, and overall did something with dance music that had hardly ever happened. The entire segment lasts about a minute in a song that had already had heads nodding and hips swaying. When the beat returns, the duo continues the distortion over the beat and it’s glorious. The beauty of that minute along with the aforementioned dancey beat is an epic closing to what was already a magnificent track.

End 2017 on a high with Justice at Decadence AZ 2017, as they’ll be showcasing their signature sound during what is sure to be a dope DJ set. Grab tickets here.

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