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Getter Drops ‘Big Mouth’

You know may know California music producer Getter as the goofy genius behind the “suh dude” phenomenon, or maybe you’re more familiar with his rap alter-ego, Terror Reid. Wherever you know him from, don’t miss out on his most recent project. His latest singles are making waves lately, including “Solo,” featuring Party Nails and most recently, “Big Mouth,” released earlier this month.

“Big Mouth” is a head-banging masterpiece that transitions from a smooth, chill intro into an upbeat medley featuring some serious bass.

What stands out about this track is the variety of sounds and tempos, showing Getter’s diversity, all within one single track. Where most artists might come off as trying to do too much at once, Getter succeeds in delivering a unique track. The song won’t disappoint for fans of Getter’s harder style songs.

Getter has been hinting on social media at a new album, but we still haven’t seen anything just yet. We can only hope these recent successful tracks are representative of the entire album.

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