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Mija’s AZ Return

The first time I saw Mija was Global, 2015. I remember just standing in the crowd, staring wide-eyed at the stage, awestruck by her performance. I’d never heard of Mija before then, but ever since, I purposefully seek her out at every festival or tour that I can. She toured in 2016 with an event she curated with OWSLA titled “Fk a Genre” and threw down (as always) in her hometown of Phoenix.

As you can probably tell by the aptly titled “Fk a Genre” tour, Mija does not stick to one style of EDM. This tour was created so that she and her fellow electronic producers could play what they want regardless of audience expectation.

After Skrillex joined her on an art car set at Bonnaroo Music Festival in 2012, she began producing more and more tracks with the likes of Ghastly, Major Lazer, and Vindata.

I’ve seen Mija 3 times and every set has been vastly different from the last. I’m super excited to see what she brings to the table at Goldrush. If you’re looking for an average set, I’d keep on looking because you won’t find it with her. Whether you like trap, house, future bass, etc., Mija will always give you a performance that comes from the heart. Check her out later this month at Goldrush Music Festival. Grab tickets here.

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