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Someone ‘Super Duper’ Special is Coming to Goldrush This Weekend

It’s not every day you find a rapper who invokes the warm and fuzzies, but our boy Super Duper Kyle spits the friendliest of flames. You know his track “I spy” with Lil Yatchy and as much as you hate to admit it, we know your shamelessly belting it out at the club, we don’t judge. Like all his songs, it’s pretty damn catchy and relatable. Kyle has a knack for plunking you out of reality and dropping you in an ocean-side boardwalk on the 80’s. His talents reach far beyond rapping, MCing, and inspirational tweeting, by some he is considered to be rap’s next John Lennon. His music is unlike anything else in the hip-hop scene right now and if Rap is your jam, this is an act you gotta see.


This super-duper star is bringing his positive vibes to Goldrush next weekend. Just in time for the festival, Kyle recently put out a new song. The track is called “All Mine” ad it’s a witty piece hip-pop (hip hop & pop).

Mixing his radical stage presence, high energy songs, and dancey beats, it’ll be a family fun for all ages. Grab your tickets here!

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