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Spin it Back Saturday: Borgore – ‘Decisions’

Borgore, Buygore, Daddy, and pioneer of “gorestep” is a producer with a big sound and even bigger personality. Born Asaf Borger, he is a man of many names and many talents, but one this stands isolated in the spotlight; hearth-shattering demolition dubstep. His popularity initially boomed with the track “Decisions” back in 2012, featuring the back-then wild, Miley Cyrus. There was something so poetic about this duo when the song came out, working with Borgore was a significant outro of old Miley. “Decisions” dropped and Hanna Montana had officially left the building, what a time.

Revisiting this song brings me right back to Decadence AZ 2015, when booty baron Borgore shook the hanger and had some of Arizona’s finest shake it on stage with him.

Decadence Day 2 @ Rawhide - 151231 Photos by

The man knows how to put on a show and we can’t wait to have him back this NYE. Grab your rave booty, daddy issues, squad, and tickets here.

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