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Counting Down Kayzo’s Biggest Moves of 2017

Before 2017, the “Dog House” was a semi-negative term which referred to a male being in trouble with his lady. We have 21st-century romantic comedies to thank for this blip in pop culture and we have EDM to thank for its outro. Cue Kazyo, and now the “Dog House” is an icon of all things musically hard. Today, we celebrate Hayden Capuozzo, the man who took the scene by storm this year and made the absolute most of his 2017. Join us as we take a trip down memory lane and look back at Kayzo’s top 5 highlights from 2017 that got him where is today.

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  1. The release of his Debut EP The Doghouse
  • This 5-track collection is 20 minutes of pure face-melting beats that have accumulated over 1.3 million plays. You can still find any one of these songs in his live sets today, the OG fans go absolutely nuts. This one is a biggie for it’s the first time we meet the infamous “Doghouse”.
  1. Kayzo Creates Doghouse Recordings
  • Have you ever heard of a producer creating their record label with only 2 years of producing under their belt? Neither have we. Kayzo saw an opportunity and took it-an entirely hard-style based record label, whatta power move. He is equal parts businessman and party thrower. So far under this label, he has showcased good friend, Gammer, as well as all the talent that has remixed Kayzo’s originals. Doghouse Recordings is a new project that we can’t watch it explode in `18.
  1. Kayzo Headlines RB show with his bass buds, Gammer and 4b.
  • We might be a little biased on this one….but if you were there, you’d agree that this was a star moment of ’17. Kayzo took the stage after Swage, Gammer, and 4B warmed up the decks for him at The Rialto Theatre in Tucson, AZ. He capped the show with a heartfelt shout out to the crowd, once again affirming that AZ “goes hard af.”
  1. Kayzo Takes His Doghouse Takeover Tour to the Iconic Hollywood Palladium
  • For a DJ the Hollywood Palladium la crème de la crème. For many, playing this venue is a pipe dream, but for Kayzo it has been his biggest show to date. He brought out a line up in itself of special guests and nearly broke the internet with the raving fans.


  1. He finally announces the release of his debut album.
  • And I emphasize “finally”. In October, Kayzo leaves a cryptic tweet that will have us on the edge of our seats till the expected release in 2018. Full bass albums are no easy feat, but we have full faith that he will blow us away as he done with each remix, ep, original track, and show. Two weeks ago he released the first song off of said album and it is nothing short of production gold. The release of this album will be a highlight moment of 2018 five sure.

Needless to say, Kayzo has had a hell of a year. We love how fast he has risen to success, 2018 holds limitless potential for this pack leader. On March 15th, we welcome back Kayzo, Gammer, and 4B for the Monster Outbreak Tour in Tucson, then AGAIN on the 16th in Phoenix. We upped the ante with this one and adding to acts to our beloved trio; Dubloadz and JSTJR. Find ticket links in the dates!

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