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Dat New New: Kayzo – ‘Overload’ (feat. Micah Martin)

Kayzo has been on fire lately, releasing track after track and hitting the festival and touring circuits hard. There’s been an “Overload” of new tunes, and were not complaining. His latest tune is a solid addition to the discography. Between the opening guitar riffs and much-animated vocals, Kayzo shows off his distinct ear as a musician with “Overload.” It’s a complex jungle of noise, ones none other than Kayzo would put together. Kayzo certainly displays his versatile ways with this one.

This season, Kayzo is taking over the U.S. on his ‘Overload’ tour. On Thursday, March 15, experience Overload in its entirety. The Monster Energy Outbreak Tour Presents Overload tour will be heading to Tucson with a headlining performance by Kayzo. Joining him, we have 4B, Dubloadz, Gammer, and JSTJR. With such a dank lineup you will catch me taking the trip down for this one, that’s for sure.

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