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Have It All with SWACQ, Pandaboyz and Lux & Marcusson’s ‘Want It All’

With artists like SWACQPandaboyz, and Lux & Marcusson, Protocol Recordings saw no choice in the matter when dropping the new late-winter smash, “I Want It All” featuring PollyAnna. From the intro of the track, the listener is immediately treated to a flanging house synth which bridges the gap between the old and new school styles. With the modulated electronic vocals of PollyAnna, no artist is left out in this surprise banger. Straying from the normal fare of generic house beats, SWACQ manages to appeal to the mainstream while the other two artists drive the track into their own direction. One thing is sure, “I Want It All” pulls out the exact steps required to make sure you get it all.

With a simple declarative phrase, SWACQ, PollyAnna, PandaBoyz, and Lux & Marcusson worked hard to resonate with listeners through the methods of traditional house, while still making the artistic sacrifices to form a cohesive track. “I Want It All” touches all the bases for a simultaneous radio/club hit, and the track itself can be found here so you can feel the beats for yourself.

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