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San Holo Releases Epic New EP, ‘The Trip’

Dutch DJ Sander van Dijck, more commonly known as San Holo, is not one to follow trends. No, this DJ has an eye for creativity and has been producing song after song of unique, quality music since he got his start in 2014. He’s made some serious waves this past year, and his latest addition, The Trip EP closed out 2017 strong.

The EP consists of five songs, starting with “trip,” which right off the bat features the enticing lyrics, “Hi there boys and girls. Would you like to come on a wonderful trip with me?” A trip indeed. The track is both haunting and playful, filled with eerie orchestral elements. Next is “b song,” a pleasant track that sounds like it came straight from the heart for San Holo. “Self-love” is mesmerizing, combining piano, violin, bass, and a slow and steady drum beat. The Analogue Dear cover of “b song” comes next, contributing a soft and slow piano track to bring us back down to earth. Lastly, ‘ty’ consists of a single bird chirp, likely a playful reference to his bitbird record label. This six-second track may seem odd, but in the context of the rest of the EP, it brings it to a nice and easy close.

This EP demonstrates San Holo’s raw talent and versatility as an artist. He strays from the norm to deliver a heartfelt EP filled with orchestral elements and organic sounds. Each song transitions smoothly into the next, making us truly feel like we are on a trip – one we don’t really want to come back from.

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