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Watch it Wednesday: Diplo ft. Mø – ‘Get it Right’

What better way to break up the week than with new music videos? This week’s Watch it Wednesday features Diplo’s “Get it Right,” a fun collaboration featuring the ever-quirky . The two artists have collaborated before on hit tracks like “Lean On” and “Cold Water,” and each time has been more enjoyable than the last. The video for their latest collaboration, “Get it Right,” was just released last week, featuring the two artists dancing around a big empty room in choreographed goofiness. Diplo wrote on YouTube about the video: “Mø and I have been working together since 2013. Being able to create this dance piece together was really special.”

Diplo – Get it Right (Feat. Mø) (Official Video)

The single comes from the soundtrack to Give Me Future, a documentary film about Diplo’s side project, Major Lazer’s, trip to Cuba to deliver the country’s first-ever electronic dance music concert. The film explores youth culture in the island nation during a period of change. “Get it Right” stands out from the soundtrack and the video is a fun watch to complement the upbeat track. Check it out below.

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