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Rell the Soundbender Drops Multi-Genre EP on Insomniac Records

We last heard from Rell the Soundbender when he released his spooky banger, “Diablo House,” last November. This time, under the same title, Rell recently dropped his 5-track full-length EP chock full of creativity and collaboration.

While most artists put prime focus on their own work, Rell successfully set himself apart with this new release by putting his own style at the front without compromising the talent of fellow artists. With the introductory self-titled track, B!tch Be Cool helps Rell’s “Diablo House” into spookier avenues we discovered in November. Rell then treats us to a Carribean/Tribal mixture when DJ Sliink and KAKU add some tropical melodic elements to “Bamba.” While the tropical vibe is retained, Rell rounds the track out with complicated percussion patterns, giving the second track a breath of fresh air.

The Soundbender later gets help from Rawtek on “Baja,” when he delivers more Carribean vibes than originally anticipated with the release of his EP. Rawtek adds various organic and tech-house elements which make the track hit harder with Rell’s abstract percussion and melody. The E.P. hits a crescendo on the fourth track, “Loboz,” with ETC! ETC! bringing the trap and progressive house influences. While the melody relies on simple, tribal composition, “Loboz” is no-doubt going to be a fun track to play or a live venue.

The EP is later rounded out by an anthemic, final track titled “Heat.” While the track begins as what some would guess as a trance melody, KAKU and BLANK put on their best Trap hats to help Rell the Soundbender turn “Heat” into one of the strongest trap bangers of 2018. By incorporating a simple chime melody with a hard-hitting Trap drop, the final track tightly rounds up the 5-track symphony with ease. Download the EP from Insomniac Records here.

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