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Bleep Bloop’s Drops Fire With Latest Single ‘IDC’

Just ahead of his highly anticipated, ‘The Evil Things’ Tour, Bleep Bloop once again transcends common ideals of EDM with his latest, “IDC.” We know and love Bloop because he jumped into the scene and shook things up with his brutal and bass-heavy sounds that were once considered unfamiliar to U.S. ears. We not only thank him for bringing us the UK dubstep, but we are blessed he keeps his free download list updated with gems like this one. Check it out below.

It doesn’t take more than couple seconds to id a Bleep Bloop track and it takes even less time to know your listening to someone with epic talent and innovative creativity. ‘The Evil Things’ tour will be bringing Bloop back to the desert on March 30th. You can catch him in Tucson at 191 Toole conjuring the most alien of vibes, grab your tickets here.

Connect with Bleep Bloop: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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