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Corporate Slackrs & Emma Zander Drop ‘Wasted Love’

Up and coming duo Corporate Slackrs recently teamed up with vocalist Emma Zander to deliver their brand new single, “Wasted Love.” Straight from Musical Freedom and Insomniac Recordings, this track breaks traditional genre borders by combining energetic pop riffs and progressive house mainstays.

Corporate Slackrs feat. Emma Zander – Wasted Love 

The music video featuring a Pinterest-style paradise perfectly suits the sometimes Halsey-esque vibes Emma Zander offers on the chorus. Behind the composition, Corporate Slackrs put careful attention to the riff within the chorus to make it pair perfectly with the lyrics. While the lyrics do repeat like the mantra, the synths mixed with the chorus riff act like icing on the cake you can’t get enough of. Emma Zander’s vocal contributions may be reminiscent of Halsey’s mellow-dramatic approach to pop, but Zander offers her own unique take on an addictive riff.

In its finest form, “Wasted Love” is a musical ode to the early 00s inclusion of synth into pop while respecting the electronic elements of progressive house. Get the track here!

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Connect with Emma Zander: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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