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Matt Nash and Bout Team Up on New Track ‘You’

Matt Nash is one of the most innovative producers on the come-up right now. With the success of his track “Starlight” with Don Diablo in 2014 on Axtone, Nash has been creating amazing tracks that never fail to push and challenge the boundaries and styles of modern house music.  His most recent collaborator, Italian duo Bout, has been making rounds with their forward-thinking house music on all the major labels, making the two a perfect pair to create something amazing.

Their new song titled “You,” released on Don Diablo’s Hexagon Records, features a catchy vocal riff from Nash himself.  With acute percussion and a beautifully sequenced synth line that forms the essence of lush drops, this track has all of the ingredients to act as a success on the dance floor and something to listen to with a modest paid of headphones.  Following a steady arrangement, the track begins with a build up accompanied by a vocal riff saying, “all I need is you.”  That brings the listener into a massive, yet intricate drop that showcases tight, analog-sounding synths with dynamic drum sequencing.  The track continues with the catchy “all I need is you” vocal before returning to a second, equally anthemic drop.  This track is sure to be heard in clubs all over the world, so keep you ear out for this masterpiece of a track over the coming months.

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