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A Double Dose of Justin Jay

Justin Jay is what some might call a prodigy. A prodigy with really, really great hair. In 2011, when he was just one week into his college career at USC, he was already signed to a label. Not just any label, but Dirtybird Records. His ability to mix and produce house music was something that was hard to miss, and even harder not to lock down. After being signed to DB, Jay has been creating new music, touring, and playing huge festivals. 3 years ago he released his first EP Momentum and has kept just that ever since.

Over the past year, Justin Jay took a step back. He took a break from touring and moved back home with his parents. According to an interview he did with AOL, he felt that his career was moving faster than he was ready for. He took some time and decided to work on composing music on his piano rework how he originally saw himself as an artist. Personally, I only think the best of Jay for this hiatus. Not many people, especially those in their early 20s, have the foresight and the maturity to realize that they’re not headed in the direction they ultimately want to go in.

During this time-out, Justin composed an entire album titled Home. There are 14 tracks on it, and you can tell that the entire work is a testament to his new-found musical identity. Justin Jay has resumed touring, but this time it will be live-band edition. He is going to take the fun-loving atmosphere of his house shows and mix into the new instrument heavy record he’s created, and I could not be more ready.

Justin Jay will be bringing the band to Shady Park on April 14th for a unique day party, and then he’ll be sticking around to do a DJ set by night. Don’t miss out on this exciting experience! You can get your tickets here.

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