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3 Yultron Remixes That SMACK

Yultron is an artist that throws genre out the window. Whether it be filthy dubstep or vibey future house, Yultron is on top of it. While still early in his career, Yultron has already worked with some incredible artists like YG and Ookay just to name a few. Another one of the L.A. based producer’s specialties is his remixes. They’re insane. He completely flips the song on its head and turns some of the most classic electronic tracks into something fresh and exciting. Check out 3 of his remixes that showcase Yultron’s mastering of multiple genres.

1. Nero and Skrillex – Promises

 This is Yultron’s newest remix and it is OUT there. The original “Promises” was a vibey song that had crowds singing and dancing. It proved to be a huge moment in Nero‘s career and along with the backing of Skrillex, the song rose to be a hit. Yultron completely dissects “Promises” and glues it back together. He adds a heavy isolated bassline that sounds like something you’d see from a psytrance artist. The way Yultron reimagines this song is phenomenal.


2. Justice – D.A.N.C.E.

 If you listen to just one Yultron remix, this is the one. Yultron gives Justice‘s EDM classic a facelift. The original disco-esque track is a perfect track to listen to when studying or driving, but Yultron’s remix will make you want to stand up and “D.A.N.C.E.” He speeds the track up, adds a bumping bassline and a dubstep drop. Yultron proves his abilities on this incredible remix.

3. Marshmello – Silence

When Marshmello and Khalid released this song, it became an instant hit. At the time, the song was slower than what Marshmello normally released, but that’s what made it so great. Along with Khalid’s vocals, this song rose to huge success. Yultron freshens this song up with a bouncy bass and faster pace. He turns “Silence” into a club banger.

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