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Dada Life Drops 12-Track Album ‘Our Nation’

Olle Cornéer and Stefan Engblom, more commonly known by their combined name, Dada Life, have one goal in mind with the music they produce: to get you moving. The Swedish duo just released their third album, Our Nation, which fulfills that goal and then some. The 12-track album is full of fast-paced, high-energy music, guaranteed to make you dance, something Dada Life emphasizes. In an interview with, they said, “Lately, EDM has gone kind of soft in the world. As for us, we’ve always been high energy. When you come to our shows, it’s high energy, it’s like running into a wall with a big smile on your face. For us, that’s what it’s always been about, so we weren’t gonna change anything, we just kept doing what we love.” This album sums up that sentiment perfectly. Check it out below.

The duo has been busy this year after a somewhat quiet period in terms of production. They had several successful singles leading up to the release of Our Nation, including Higher than the Sun,”  “One Nation Under Lasers,” “Do It ‘Till Your Face Hurts,” and most recently “Sunday F**k You Too.” They also appear to be back to touring, after Cornéer announced his intent to take a break due to health concerns in 2017. All we know is we can’t wait to see this goofy, yet talented, duo in action.

Catch Dada Life alongside Party Favor, Rickyxsan, and Cazztek at the Pressroom on May 27 for a Halfway to Halloween Costume party. Get your tickets here.

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