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Kayzo Reworks Papa Roach’s ‘Last Resort’

Kayzo is a hardstyle king. He always delivers on the bass and fast tempo, so I made sure to catch him along with The Binches (composed of Kayzo, Ookay, Dotcom, and Yultron) and it was absolutely lit when they dropped Kayzo’s filthy rework of Papa Roach‘s infamous track “Last Resort.” The original is already an anthem for headbangers everywhere to scream the lyrics to, but Kayzo has added even more grime to the already heavy track. Born Hayden Capuozzo, the LA producer is passionate about hardstyle but has kept a perfect balance between a slow headbanging tempo and a faster, bouncy tempo to keep both headbangers and hardstyle-heads happy.

The beginning of the track is similar to the original Papa Roach version with a little extra bass added to the melody. Then Kayzo adds a buildup with high-pitched vocals, so prepare your necks! When this played at EDC, my bass face was so gnarly that my face mask had to go up. Another buildup leads to some fully developed hardstyle that’s so high energy you can’t help but jump around. This rework is truly a Kayzo masterpiece–Papa Roach would be proud.

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Photo: Mike Victorick

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