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LOUDPVCK Drops Vulnerable New Track ‘Liar’

LA producer Kenny Beats, otherwise known as LOUDPVCK, is notorious for dropping trap bangers and remixes that contribute to his hype sets. 2017 was a busy year for LOUDPVCK, as they were still operating as a duo consisting of Beats and producer Ryan Marks. Since then LOUDPVCK has become a solo act with Beats alone.

LOUDPVCK has always been known to bend and blend genres, but his recent single “Liar” with KillaGraham, strays even further from the tracks from what we normally expect. Perhaps going solo has freed his creativity to experiment with different genres. Regardless, this future bass track is the perfect hybrid of emotive and trap vibes because of LOUDPVCK’s hip-hop origins.

Sorrowful vocals echo through the beginning of this track with minimal electronic sounds, leaving the focus on the lyrics, “I might f*ck around and tell you that I want you every day but / don’t trust what I say ’cause I’m a liar.” Then the drop hits with the high-pitched synths of those same vocals, but you can still hear the trap influence in the beat from LOUDPVCK’s original style. The trap essence harmonizes well with the future bass notes to create something really special from Beats. This, married with the melodies and lyrics, creates a vulnerable and beautiful sound unexpected from LOUDPVCK, but nonetheless, we hope for more like it in the future.

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