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The Glitch Mob Lets You ‘See Without Eyes’ on Visual Album

Legendary trio The Glitch Mob have finally returned after their extended hiatus. Since their last tour in 2014/2015 the group, consisting of edIT (Edward Ma), Boreta (Justin Boreta), and Ooah (Josh Mayer), have been busy creating something wonderful. Following their newly released See Without Eyes that dropped just days ago; the boys just put out a visual version of the album, allowing viewers to experience the album with their eyes, ears, and souls. With the help of Strangeloop Studios, (yes, the same Strageloop Studios that has done work with The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar) The Glitch Mob have created something truly psychedelic.

The Glitch Mob – See Without Eyes (Full Album)

The video takes viewers on an hour-long journey into the darkest part of the imagination. Each of the 11 tracks goes in its own direction, both aurally and visually, and connects together with the theme of self-discovery. The visuals and music sync together on a parallel level and the psychedelic patterns take the audience on a trip. The entire video is so eery and lucid, allowing the audience to come up with their own interpretations, which is just another reason that makes See Without Eyes such a gem.

The Glitch Mob – Blade 2.0

The video isn’t the only thing The Glitch Mob have been cooking up. They’ve recently hit the road for their 2018 world tour. Their taking with them a new and improved version of their famous Blade setup. “Blade 2.0” is designed to connect the audience to the performance for an intimate and immersive experience. The set up combines the stage with the instruments the trio are actually playing on stage.

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