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Don Diablo Remixes Kygo’s ‘Kids in Love’

We all know and love Kygo, born Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll, for the effortless way his music reminisces about love and all the emotions that come with it. His tracks range from high-energy dance music to chill, emotive tracks that saturate your soul with all the feels. Recently he has started releasing remixes of one of his tracks, “Kids in Love,” from various artists like The Him, Alok, and Don Diablo. Of all the remixes, Don Diablo’s breathes the most energy into a classic Kygo track by infusing progressive sounds into the beat. The Dutch producer is known for his own energetic music, so a remix of Kygo’s track is a perfect marriage of love and dance music.

The intro to the remix is immediately different than the original; it features a synthesized voice that gives the track a futuristic feel, as opposed to the piano at the beginning of the original which has a softer vibe. The tempo is faster as well, and the melody shoots this song off into a funky, progressive house tune with some glitch sounds laced throughout. The drop is sure to send dancers into a full-on frenzy. The emotional vibes of the original are overtaken by fun, energetic vibes instead. Kygo knows how to do love songs, but Don Diablo is the master of dance tracks for sure.

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