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Just A Gent’s Lands New Track ‘Space Odyssey’

Just A Gent has been making a name for himself over the  past few years. He started releasing music around 2014; you first saw his name on the hit single “Limelight” featuring R O Z E S, that sported a ton of remixes from fellow producers. You may also recognize “Heavy as a Heartbreak” off his first album Stories To Tell. Shortly after, his flip of Illenium’s “Fortress” managed to snag a spot on the official remix album of Ashes. So it’s safe to say he’s been climbing the ranks, and fans have been anxiously waiting to see what 2018 would bring for the young star. Incoming: “Space Odyssey”

“Space Odyssey,” recently released in the last couple of weeks, is a collaboration with Australian singer Thandi Phoenix. The track starts off with bubbly, but soulful vocals from Phoenix. The song exudes a type of youthful aura. By the time the drop arrives at about a minute in, it gives off an exotic and fresh vibe. “Space Odyssey” is definitely a tune to get you grooving. When listening, you cannot help but bob your head, or move your feet. Towards the end of the song, the breakdown of the exotic effects really meshes well with the overall other-worldly atmosphere that the song provides. With a song like this, we can only wait in anticipation of what the rest of 2018 will bring for Just A Gent!

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