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Juice WRLD Speaks on Recent Rap Tragedies with ‘Legends’

On Monday, June 18th the industry lost an influential, honest, and brazen artist. The murder of XXXTentacion came as a shock and has since overtaken the media and mourning hearts of those who appreciated his music. It hasn’t even been a year since the untimely death of fellow rapper, Lil Peep. These losses have had an immense effect of the people who loved their music and more so, the people who performed alongside them.

As kin would do with kin in the face of a loss, producers who knew, worked with, or even just admired them from afar expressed their sadness in their own ways. Some took to social media, some to silence, and some made something moving out of a tragic situation. Juice WRLD’s “Legends” is an ode to the late Lil Peep and X that speaks on the hard truths of their deaths.

Lyrics like, “This time it was so unexpected/Last time it was the drugs he was lacing/All legends fall in the making,” and We keep on losing our legends to the cruel cold world, what is it coming to? The end of the world, is it coming soon?” shines a light on how Juice feels. True artistry is taking something dark and painful and channeling it towards something constructive, something real. “Legends” was created under deeply unfortunate circumstances and it will always be heard with a heavy heart.

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