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Nitti Gritti Releases Rock Forward EP ‘Judge Me’

After releasing on notable labels like Musical Freedom and Confession, exploring an array of music genres, and having his music supported by massive names all around the world, Nitti Gritti is back with something different.  The Miami native is a jack of all trades when it comes to music production. Flexing his skills with a multitude of genres from hip-hop to house to trap and dubstep, the producer/DJ has proven that he can do it all over the last two years.  He’s even ventured into pop by co-producing the newest Enrique Iglesias & Pitbull record, “Move To Miami.”  With his latest EP, Nitti Gritti explores the realm of rock music with impeccable production quality and brilliant songwriting. What’s even more impressive is every instrument and vocal is Nitti Gritti himself. Listen to Judge Me below.

The title track “Judge Me,” is a rock anthem that boasts an impressive performance by Nitti with soft rock to post-hardcore vocal styles. With an ambitious tempo change mid-record, the energy shifts and the stage is set for the listening experience of the EP.  The final track, “The Persistence of Memory,” shows us how truly diverse Nitti Gritti can be with whatever he puts his mind to.  Starting with a soft soundscape and evolving into a gentle acoustic arrangement, we are reminded of how talented the songwriter is.  From lyrical content to his voice and skill on the electric or acoustic guitar, “The Persistence of Memory” is a relatable track that is sure to resonate with its audience.

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