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Said The Sky Proves to be a ‘Superstar’ on Latest Tune

After amassing millions of streams across his platforms, selling out headlining shows across the US, and navigating the music industry as one of the leading figures of melodic bass music, Said The Sky is back again with a new tune for our listening pleasure. As a multi-talented musician, the Denver-based producer has curated a style that showcases musical diversity while still delivering bass-filled drops and euphoric synth motifs – and his latest release is no different.

Teaming up with fellow melodic bass producer Dabin and Sweden-based vocalist Linn, the trio has released “Superstar.”  The electronic-pop record features quintessential lush pads and synth leads which are expertly complimented by the soft yet powerful vocal from Linn. As if that isn’t enough, the second drop is laced with a spacious electric guitar that emits feel-good vibes.  In an interview with Nest HQ, the producer provided some insight into his live sets stating that “I knew as soon as I started this project I wanted to perform live. I’ve been playing instruments from a very early age and have loved every second of it, so it just made sense to incorporate it into my performances. The advantage for me is both being able to add something new to any song I play out by creating something new on the piano for it on the fly, as well as simply having fun!” With unprecedented production quality, “Superstar” is sure to become one of the summer’s most influential festival anthems.  You can stream/download “Superstar” here! 

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