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Steve Aoki, Deorro, MAKJ & Max Styler Collab on ‘Shackalaka’

What happens when you combine the talents of Steve Aoki, Deorro, MAKJ & Max Styler?  You get a behemoth of a track whose mission is to re-energize every dancefloor that it graces.  With a barrage of bass in the intro, a vocal quickly takes the lead with an instrumental building in intensity and tension.  With a Latin/mariachi vibe decorating the build-up and foreshadowing what’s to come, the track drops into the powerful realm of psytrance.  The rolling bassline is quickly accompanied by spacious uplifters and sharp percussion which elevates the track’s intensity to new heights.

The mood swiftly transitions to a mariachi ensemble complete with trumpet, rhythm guitar, and strings that is sure to captivate any music enthusiast.  The “psy x marachi” track, as Deorro described it in a tweet, is certainly masterful in its ability to fuse the otherwise-unreleased genres.  “Shackalaka” is a testament to electronic music’s diversity as well as its ability to compliment and arguably enhance other genres.  Signed to Ultra Records, the track has already received support from names like David Guetta, W&W, and Nicky Romero.

See Steve Aoki and Deorro at Goldrush this September! Grab tickets here.

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