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Watch it Wednesday: Rich the Kid – ‘Bring it Back’

Dimitri Leslie Rogers is the kid who is rich, but more importantly, he is Rich the Kid. Born in 1993, the Kid was a mere 20 years old when he perused music full time. In 2013 he put out his first mixtape Been About the Benjamins, and it’s been all milestone and money since. Just a year after, he fittingly named his second mixtape Feels Good to be Rich, which lends intel on how well his first mixtape performed. Soon after he released a string of mixtapes, singles, and EPs that found him working with Young Thug, Riff Raff, and Bobby Shmurda just to name drop a few. Present day we see Rich the Kid debut his first solo artist album, The World is Yours, along with finding a home in Interscope Records. The rise to the top was quick for Rich the Kid and we are just seeing the beginning.

His latest release, “Bring It Back,” was a highly anticipated track that can now be enjoyed everywhere. The beat is ferocious and the lyrics, fierce. Showing off just how rich the Rich the Kid is, the music video flaunts his lifestyle and the inner workings of his day today. Check out Rich the Kid in our Watch it Wednesday below.

                                Rich the Kid- Bring it Back

7 million views in 3 weeks, the Kid knows what the people want to see and here. That’s why we are bringing him out to dose us in rhythms at Goldrush Music Festival. Grab your tickets here before they’re gone!

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