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Kyle Watson’s Releases 2-Track EP

A great musical artist is one that knows how to branch out. One that is capable of creating songs that span across multiple genres. Kyle Watson, a South African house DJ that was classically trained in the piano and musical theory at a young age, can do just that. Watson is currently bouncing around the country on his “The New Ground Tour,” but he isn’t one to slow down on production. Late last month Kyle dropped a 2-track EP, ‘You Boy/Chomp’ on This Ain’t Bristol.

The first of the two, “You Boy,” features Kylah Jasmine, a singer-songwriter from South Africa. With more than a few quips of vocals, this song expands further than what Kyle is currently known for, with an emphasis on lyrics and less of an emphasis on the bass, as the listener doesn’t hear the bass line for the first 20 seconds of the song. After a few listens, however, this song proves Kyle’s musical talent–capable of switching between a deep bassline and a deep, sultry voice.

Back to his roots, “Chomp,” is much more typical of Kyle’s sound. Quickly diving into a heavy beat, alternating between a heavy bass, hi-hat sounds, and synthesizers. Nonetheless, the song is one that can be repeated on some headphones, or added into a set, making it likely to be mixed in by fellow “This Ain’t Bristol” artists.

Kyle proves that no matter the background, artists are always changing and developing their style. These two tracks demonstrate that Kyle’s not stopping anytime soon, and will continue to throw out banger after banger.

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