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Laidback Luke Blends Up a Twisted House Treat with ‘Milkshake’

Laidback Luke is known for creating some of the tastiest house and electro tracks, but his latest tune brings a new, unique flavor. “Milkshake (Better Than Yours)” with Ale Mora Before features a vocal sample from the funky R&B hit by Kelis that brought all the boys to the yard in 2008.

Luke spoke with Billboard on his technique for the sound design: “Ale Mora came with the original lead, which I spiced up, adding a few layers to it and then automating the filters and reverb with the Serum FX on a different channel. I ran the FX LFO’s through midi notes which didn’t have an output on the channel. They triggered the FX. This is why the lead varies in sound, structure and FX to really make it ‘Twisted.'” Get a taste below.

This new take demands more energy than the original with its unique synths and house beat. The cherry on top to Luke’s single is that he also released an actual milkshake to feature along with “Milkshake.” JuiceBrothers, located in Amsterdam and New York, will feature his all-natural Chocoloco flavor milkshake, which is high in protein with no refined sugars – a healthy reflection on the fitness fanatic.

To have a taste of this milkshake you’d have to catch a flight, but Laidback Luke himself will be presenting a Strictly Techno set right in Shady Park. Get your tickets here!

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