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Medasin Reveals Debut Album ‘Irene’

Grant Nelson, the chilliest doctor around, is writing a prescription for some new MedasinIrene is a healthy and vibey debut showing from Medasin that covers all the basics when it comes to ambient atmospheric music. The 20-year-old producer gathered inspiration for Irene after spending time in a drug rehabilitation center. Irene was the name of his program counselor that shined a light on Medasin and showed him that there was more to life than escaping reality. Irene helped ignite the spark in Nelson and encouraged him to focus his energy in positive outlets. The 9-track collection is dedicated to the counselor that saved Medasin’s life.

The album is absolutely breathtaking. Though the album is short, running at only 22 minutes, every beat, bar, measure, and verse is crafted with the most delicate care. Irene transcends any genre and instead focuses on giving listeners a euphoric experience. The track “Work For You” is a beautiful ballad with lyrics from singer Kaz Moon. His lyrics along with Medasin’s chill-beats work excellent together.

With the release of Irene, Medasin also launched a GoFundMe to help the Irene that helped him get to this point fulfill her dreams, too. The two are still in contact, and Irene has mentioned her desire to open a shop near the original drug rehabilitation facility. The shop would be a place for recovering addicts, “where they can encourage each other to make the most of themselves through positive social interaction.” Irene is a passion-project from Medasin, and it deserves all the praise it has received. Medasin is going to give us a healthy dose of music at Goldrush on September 30th at Rawhide. Grab your cowboy boots, and get your tickets here!

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