Relentless Beats


As kids, we were always amused by the game where our parents would hide their face and surprise us repeatedly by saying “Peek-a-boo, I see you.” We didn’t know what was going to happen and it surprised us every time. It’s no coincidence the rising artist, PEEKABOO, invokes the same response with his music just as that game did when we were kids. Hailing from Detroit, PEEKABOO keeps the surprises coming with music comprised of alien-sounding synths and bass-heavy drops. In the past few months, he has released two EPs from the renowned bass music record label, Wakaan, the destination for finding the weirdest and heaviest music around, as any true bass music fan would know.

His ability to produce heavy freeform bass is not going unnoticed. Gaining recognition from the likes of Liquid Stranger will surely see PEEKABOO finding his way to big stages at festivals in the near future. He’s also collaborated with the legend, Bassnectar, which is the dream for any producer in the genre he is in.

PEEKABOO isn’t playing any games. The name might deceive you but once you listen to his music, it’ll have you banging your head to the heavy beats. It’s only a matter of time before he becomes ubiquitous on your stream on Soundcloud.

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