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RB Exclusive Interview: Kiss Her VASSY

Even if you don’t think you’re familiar with VASSY, I guarantee her voice has blessed your ears before. The Australian singer, songwriter, and record producer–and most recently, label creator–is known for teaming up with big names like Tiësto, David Guetta, Afrojack and more to lend her melodic vocals and creative genius to their electronic music tracks. Apart from her talent as an EDM vocalist and producer, she also kicks ‘vass’ as an indie-pop artist. VASSY’s versatility in the music industry has me asking a lot of questions. I took my questions to the pop goddess to get down to the bottom of things.


Coming from an indie/pop background diving into the electronic scene, what have been the most notable differences so far?

That bloody drop – it’s all about the drop in EDM….and the DJs. I definitely miss the indie pop scene sometimes, however, the EDM scene is loyal and loving though and extremely supportive. At the end of the day, my songwriting has remained the same, the only thing that’s changed is the production. In theory, you could take the same song and give it indie-pop production, and the essence of the song would still remain in the writing.

You’ve appeared at some of the largest EDM festivals in the world including Ultra and Tomorrowland, so it’s safe to say you’ve found your place in the dance community. Where do you see your career in the industry heading?

Yes, it’s certainly safe to say. I have been fortunately blessed within the EDM community because of my previous records with David Guetta, Tiesto, and Afrojack. It will always be my home as an artist, but I would love to create more pop-dance crossover records that always include elements of dance.

Your new single, “Doomsday,” has a foreboding title, but the lyrics and tempo are uplifting..inspiring even! How do you make the connection between the title and the song?

Yes, you are correct! It’s about difficult days when you feel like your entire world is collapsing and you’re forced to face your inner demons. It’s also about all the real struggles we go through in our everyday lives, whether it be people who are dealing with addiction that are trying to quit or those who are dealing with some sort of insecurity. It applies to those who feel like they’re failing in some aspect of their lives or are facing rejection in their personal or professional life. I’m aiming to inspire everyone who is facing some sort of hardship to get through the lows because you need to persevere and overcome them in order to truly feel the highs that life has to offer. The track serves as a reminder that pain is temporary and that we need to be brave and stay strong.

I love the concept behind your record label. Kiss My VASSY is inspiring for both producers and for women. What inspired KMV?

It all started off as a joke, actually. I was in the dance studio one day with my choreographer Herbie – that is when I used to dance as I don’t anymore – and he made a joke teasing me about my name and how it has the word ‘ass’ in it. Now, we’re all familiar with the expression ‘kiss my ass’. For me, it’s a playful metaphor used to tell people that if they don’t like me, they can ‘kiss my vASSy’ but gracefully, of course. I want to tell people to always stay true to themselves and never try to fit anyone else’s mold and if people like them, then great, but that if they don’t, then it’s okay too. I have always been a strong opposer of bullying and have always tried to empower all the kids I’ve mentored over the years to believe in themselves and project their inner strength. ‘Kiss My VASSY’ is a direct metaphor for that mantra. I’ve faced several rejections in my career that eventually led to re-directions and took me to where I’m meant to be in life. I have full control and stay authentic as an artist and a person, not being told who to be, how to look, what to say, or what to wear. I’m just being myself and my fans never fail to accept me, which is a nice feeling to have. I want others to feel this way too, feeling comfortable being who they are & ignoring any negativity!

You’ve been involved with a lot of charity work, including teaching at AVIVA. What have YOU learned by being involved in these workshops, either in life or in your music career?

We all need each other’s support. There are many people out there who did not have the same upbringing as I did and didn’t have a safe home full of love and support like me. I’ve been placed in a position where I can give back through my music and help empower people – particularly young individuals – to form positive opinions on themselves. I’ve made it a goal to help give my fans the strength and courage to face the world and be proud of who they are. I very much enjoy empowering people and find that I learn a lot from their stories. I’m hoping to do more philanthropical work in the future!

You’ve been busy releasing several singles this year! Can we expect anything else from you in the near future?

Absolutely! I’m very excited to say that I finally have the setup I’ve been wanting for myself as an artist. I have a great situation with my personal label and with Sony, and I’m very excited to finally be able to invest more time in all the creative aspects of my career. This involves getting to the studio to work with some amazingly talented artists! My next couple of releases are going to stray a little bit away from EDM, as I’d like to show my fans another side of me – I’m hoping they will embrace it.

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