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Shiba San Drops ‘Don’t Talk’ EP

With a knack for creating tracks that not only work well on the dancefloor but also last long after the release cycle, the mighty Shiba San returns to Dirtybird with two unique bangers you won’t soon forget. The French producer is sought after for his low-end rumbling rhythms that dive deep into dreamy baselines.

Leading off the release, “Don’t Talk” doesn’t need a vocal to say something. Shiba uses rhythms, beats, reverb, and pitch to create an oddball, attention-grabbing techno track that is sure to be around for ages. A mosquito alarm emits a high-frequency sound that can be heard by bugs and dogs. But the heavy low-end bass on Shiba’s second track “Moskito,” has the exact opposite effect and attracts ravers from miles around to the dance floor.


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