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A Look at Phoenix’s Electronic Venues

The Phoenix electronic scene is blessed. We get multiple shows every week from some of the biggest producers in the industry, it’s always the perfect party weather, and there’s always a festival or event to look forward to. But what really makes Phoenix special is our venues. Venues can make or break a show. I have far too many memories of living in New Jersey and shows being ruined because the venues were terrible. Here in Phoenix, that problem doesn’t exist. The venues are an inviting, friendly escape from the real world. Whenever I walk into one of our local venues I know I am in good hands. There’s solid security, friendly faces, and an overall great atmosphere that truly represents Phoenix’s nightlife. There are so many different wonderful venues in Phoenix that host events, each one a little bit different from the other. Take a look below to see what makes Arizona’s venues so special.

The Monarch Theater

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Monarch Theater is Arizona’s Old Reliable. For as long as I can remember there have been insane shows at this hole-in-the-wall of a venue. It’s tight and fills up quickly, but the experiences here are always over the top. The venue is separated into sections of 18+ and 21+, which makes planning for events at this venue a must! Monarch is a piece of Arizona history and is respected as such.

 The Pressroom

The Pressroom glows with a warehouse vibe that can’t be found at any other Phoenix venue. The venue reminds me of what an electronic underground venue in the 90’s might have looked like. The massive stage allows room for the massive stage production to be seen by the entire venue. There’s a surprisingly big outside patio area to cool off during the event. Be warned, The Pressroom gets toasty! The massive ceiling fans that are installed to help with the heat a lot, but make sure to drink a lot of water before and during the show!

 The Van Buren

The Van Buren is Phoenix’s newest venue and it’s such a luxury. The second you step foot into the Van Buren, elegant chandeliers welcome you to the show. The massive stage shines brightly with some of the best visual production I’ve ever seen, so no matter what part of the venue you are in, you still have a great view. The huge dancefloor can easily fit a couple thousand people with room to spare. Another huge detail The Van Buren gets right is its bathrooms. They are HUGE and always clean. Overall, The Van Buren really is a treat, and it’s the venue that Phoenix’s electronic scene needed.

 Shady Park

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Ah, Shady Park, the utopia of Mill Ave. I remember being excited to turn 21 not because of the alcohol, but because I would finally be able to enter Shady Park. This ramen shop, bar, and venue has everything you need for a great night out. The trees that surround the venue not only offer a tremendous amount of shade, but they also make the venue feel more tropical. The food at Shady Park is amazing, it’s light and affordable for a venue. There is plenty of room to spread out and the price of tickets are always reasonable. Overall, Shady Park is one of the most unique venues in Arizona, it’s one of those venues where you look forward to coming to the venue just as much you are the artist.

 Talking Stick Resort

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Talking Stick Resort hosts Release Pool Parties almost every weekend during the Summer. The venue has a ton of room to move around, dance, and swim. Luckily, the pool is behind the resort itself, so there is a lot of shade come afternoon. The release parties always feature huge headliners that are sure to throw down. The location of Talking Stick is also a huge advantage, it’s right near Old Town Scottsdale and downtown Tempe. Overall, Talking Stick is a great summer venue!


Rawhide is the Promised Lands of venues in Phoenix. It is huge, wonderful, dusty and pristine. Rawhide has helped make Arizona’s electronic scene what it is today. I remember my first electronic show was at Rawhide, and it made me fall in love. The venue can be arranged in so many different ways, so every event becomes a new experience. There are festivals where they utilize the warehouse area and leave attendees with a huge grass field to lay in, and other events where the Rawhide Western Town transforms into a music utopia. Rawhide’s newest area, The Park, gives attendees a huge mainstage with grass, and a ton of standing/sitting room. You’ll have a chance to experience Rawhide for yourself at Goldrush on September 29th and 30th. Grab tickets here.

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