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Bro Safari and UFO! Tease Release of Album with ‘Clockwork (Pt. 1)’

Bro Safari and UFO! have been working around the clock to deliver an experimental masterpiece in bass music. Now, they follow the release of their single “N.U.M.B.” with the completed first part of Clockwork. The unveiled three-track preview to the full album is wonky bass at its finest, blasting listeners out of this world with heavy wubs.

Clockwork (Pt. 1) explodes with “N.U.M.B.,” which gives fans a taste of the intergalactic magic the two powerhouse producers possess. “Inaccessible” pulls listeners to an even deeper level, beginning with an eerie vocal buildup that leads to a trippy drop filled with spacey melodies. The trifecta concludes with the haunting “Break the Curse,” a dynamic track that drags fans far into the realms of the galaxy through its dark loops and synths.

With consistent themes of science fiction and space exploration, the entire Clockwork album connects the constellation dots between avant-garde bass and abstract, unexplored sounds with a conceptual listening journey through the artist’s musical inspiration. The rest of the Clockwork puzzle pieces will fall into place discretely over the next few weeks, including tour date announcements, so keep an eye out.

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