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Chicken Soup for the EDM Soul

The year is 2017. It’s late April, the 26th to be exact. You’re looking at all the lineups for the upcoming festival season and decide to browse some artists on Soundcloud. But before you can, you stumble upon a brand new album on your feed. Not just any album, an OWSLA album. Your eyes widen, “no, it can’t be,” you accidentally say aloud. Oh, yes, it is! OWSLA has released an album dedicated entirely to house jams. The title? HOWSLA. You’re looking over the song list and see crazy talented artists such as Born Dirty, Chris Lake, JOYRYDE, and wait…is that…yes! A Skrillex and Habstrakt collab. It’s “Chicken Soup.”

“Chicken Soup” is and forever will be one of the greatest EDM songs of our time. YEAH, I SAID IT.  I don’t think I have ever truly known distorted bass until my ears were blessed with this track. Not only is the original absolute fire, but it’s also been masterfully remixed by the likes of JAUZ, Ekali, Party Favor and so many more.

After it was released, CS was played in pretty much every set for the next year. I know what you’re thinking, “Sami, that was last year, no one cares anymore,” well, think again. The hugest names are STILL blaring this song in their sets a year and a half later. The longevity…it’s truly astounding.

It’s no shock to anyone that Skrillex can do no wrong, but did he really have to go this hard?!  So far, this track has garnered 3.5 million plays on Soundcloud, and that number is still climbing. It was so well-received that it threw Habstrakt into the mainstream and he finally began touring in the US (you may have had the privilege to see Habby at Goldrush last year).

If you’re like me, and can literally never get enough of this song, you’ll have the chance to see it dropped in Skrillex’s set at Decadence. This will be the set of a lifetime, folks. Get your tickets here

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