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DeadMau5 Isn’t Coming to Goldrush Alone…

Once upon a time, a Mau5 was set to come to rock the rawhide house. It had been 2 years since he graced us this his existence, this show will be like another, the Mau5 king will have some assistance. For the second annual Goldrush, we knew we had to go BIG, so the RB team pondered on what to include. Oh yes, that’s it, let’s bring out Deadmu5 and his CUBE!

That’s right folks, Deadmau5 is bringing out the infamous production cube to the Goldrush Mainstage on the weekend of September 29th. We’ve seen Th Cube all over social media, fans rave about it more than any other stage set up. With lights that are so bright, they are blinding and presence so massive it is nearly overwhelming. The Cube is a piece of production that is a force to be reckoned with.


Just having gone through a reboot. The new and improved or as Joel Zimmerman calls it “other cube”  is 10,500 pounds of pure epicness. If you haven’t yet grab your tickets here and let’s get lost in The Cube.

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