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Minnesota Blazes on ‘Burn’

Minnesota, the master of bass, has been on fire since he got into the scene about eight years ago. He’s already garnered fan favorites like “Push It” “HiLow,” and “Thunderdome” but he’s also been fanning his flame with hot releases in 2018 including “Final Frontier” and “Snake Charmer.” His latest addition to his arsenal is his heavy masterpiece “Burn.”

Christian Bauhofer, better known as Minnesota, teamed up with Stylust and Gisto to melt together reggae and wonky dubstep for his ode to mary jane. This song is definitely going to be a festival staple, and likely one of those moments during the set where everyone takes a toke or two. To coincide with the launch of his imprint Outer Realms, Minnesota will be embarking on his biggest tour yet, ‘Adventures Through Space And Time.’ Be on the lookout for hot new music in the coming months from Minnesota and his other talented comrades to be released via Outer Realms.

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