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Odesza Releases Long-Awwaited Track ‘Loyal’

Odesza put on a truly breathtaking performance at Coachella this year. Beautiful stage production, ethereal melodies, and drones in the sky as the Odesza emblem all combined for a heavenly night. Their show was even more special because of the track that either Harrison Mills or Clayton Knight, the two producers that create Odesza, started off by saying they usually don’t play. I heard the track for myself when they came to The Park at Wild Horse Pass for their Moment Apart Tour; the drop exploded out of nowhere and yanked me from deep in my feels. Finally, the unreleased banger has dropped.

Titled “Loyal,” Odesza whips out something a little heavier than their usual angelic and emotive beats. The tribal vibe is very present, with a little something extra. By no means is it “heavy”, but the brass instrumentals and bass usually absent from their music make “Loyal” feel like it goes harder than normal. Until now, I had been listening to a shady version of this song recorded and thrown on Soundcloud. Now I can finally enjoy this song the way it was designed. Odesza really threw down for this track, and hopefully, we will see more from them like this in the future!

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